Navigating the MyGlue Chrome Extension

To find a stored username and password in the MyGlue Chrome Extension:

  1. Log in to the MyGlue Extension and click Passwords to display a list of all credentials saved in your account.


  2. In the Passwords view, click on the relevant credentials to be redirected to the associated webpage. The extension will autofill your credentials.


To view a stored username and password in the extension:

  1. Locate the password following the steps listed above. Click the cog wheel icon beside the password.


  2. In the Password view page, you can see all associated details including, the login webpage URL, item description, and any notes. Click the Copy to clipboard icon if you need to manually paste the information. Click the eye icon to show the password.


    1. If the password is vaulted, you will be prompted to enter your Vault passphrase in the following scenarios:
      • Viewing the password record and clicking the show password button (eye icon).
      • Viewing the password record and clicking the copy button.
      • Clicking the password record and landing on the password's URL page with the password auto-filled.
      • Visiting a webpage which autofills the username and password.


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