Autofilling passwords and password learning

Using the MyGlue Chrome Extension to auto-fill passwords

If you have credentials saved in MyGlue, the browser extension will automatically detect when you have accessed the associated login webpage and autofill your username and password.

In some login processes, the username and password fields are on separate pages. In this case, the extension will first autofill your username. Click Next. The extension then autofills your password on the next page.

Filling in a different field (password learning)

The password field is detected automatically. However, depending on the layout of the fields, the extension may not put the username in the right field. If this happens, you can change where the username is filled by following these steps:

  1. Click the MyGlue logo and choose the matching credential.
  2. Click the Filled in the wrong field? message.

  3. Click Learn.

  4. Click your cursor inside the username field on the website.
  5. When you sign in to this site again, the extension will know where to fill the username.

Bypassing the MyGlue auto-fill logo

If you access a website and do not want the extension to autofill your MyGlue stored credentials, you can use the Ctrl+/ (Mac: Cmd+/) keyboard shortcut to bypass autofill.

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