MyGlue 101

This article defines a number of terms you will see used in the help center.


Organizations are secure spaces where groups of people can collaborate and access a business's passwords and other shared information.


Assets are defined as any resource, including passwords, that can be created in MyGlue. Each asset can belong to only one organization and can have fine-grained group and user permissions to allow complete isolation across different teams.


The login credentials used to access applications and online accounts are called passwords in MyGlue. Passwords can be of two types (general or embedded). General passwords can be shared broadly with all teams or restricted by group or user. Embedded passwords have the same permissions of the asset they're embedded in.

Dependent Assets

Dependent assets are child assets of a parent asset. A parent asset can have any number of child assets, but each child asset can have only one parent. Embedded passwords are an example of a dependent asset. If you delete a parent asset, this also deletes the dependent assets.

List Views

List views (accessible from the left-hand navigation bar) are similar to worksheets in a spreadsheet, with each row representing one asset. Each list view is unique with its own column headings, hidden columns, and filters.

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