Creating a basic checklist in MyGlue


The Checklists feature lets you document your tasks in order so you can accomplish the most important things first, stay on-track, and work efficiently.

Checklists also make it easy to delegate tasks to the right person. You can even share your list with them so they can register their task as completed when done.


Building your checklist

  1. Log in to your MyGlue account.
  2. Navigate to the organization you want to build a checklist for. If you are creating this as a generic checklist for your team to use with multiple clients, you will want to create it inside your own organization.
  3. In the left-hand menu, select Checklists and then click + New.


  4. Enter a title for the checklist and add a description.
    Tip! A good checklist title will clearly identify the process at hand and contain any relevant keywords. A good description will identify who the checklist should be completed by and when.


  5. Click on Unassigned and Due Date to assign an owner and set a due date for the entire checklist.



  6. Click on Add task to start building your checklist. Give each task a name and description.
    • The task name should be a brief description of the task or action needed.
    • The description should list the finer details of the task and provide any information needed for the assignee to complete that task.


  7. Click on Unassigned and Due Date to assign an owner and due date for that particular task if different from the owner and due date of the checklist (refer to Step 5).
  8. Repeat Steps 6 to 7 above to add as many tasks as needed for your checklist.
  9. Navigate back to the organization main page and click Checklists in the left-hand menu. The saved checklist will appear in the list view.


Example of a fully built checklist:


Editing your tasks

The MyGlue checklist template makes it easy to manage the order of your tasks. This includes inserting additional tasks, reordering existing tasks, and deleting unneeded tasks.

  • To insert a task, click on Add task at the bottom of the screen. Define the task name and description as usual. Then, hover your mouse over the task and click on the ellipsis icon. Drag the task to the appropriate spot in the checklist.
  • To reorder a task, hover your mouse over the task and click on the ellipsis icon. Drag the task to the appropriate spot in the checklist.
  • To delete a task completely, hover your mouse over the task and click on the trash can icon.


Receiving checklist notifications

By default, you will automatically receive email notifications for any checklists and tasks that are assigned to you. These notifications allow you to easily view and assess your newly assigned checklists and/or tasks directly from your email inbox. This is especially helpful if you prefer to use your inbox to organize your next steps. At any time, you can toggle these notifications ON or OFF in your MyGlue Edit Profile page.


Note: You must have a Creator or above role in MyGlue to access the checklist notifications feature.

Due date reminder notifications

You will receive an email reminder notification for all checklists and tasks assigned to you. These notifications will be sent at 7 days before the assigned due date and again 1 day before the due date. These notifications include:

  • A link to the MyGlue Organization in which the checklist belongs to.
  • A link to the main checklist.
    • If you have only been assigned a task and not the whole checklist, the notification will reference the name of that specific task.
  • A link to your Edit Profile page should you want to unsubscribe to the emails going forward.

Managing My Tasks in MyGlue

You can also see all tasks assigned to you by clicking on My Tasks at the top menu bar within MyGlue. The default view will show you all of your incomplete tasks.


Open the checklist and find the task assigned to you. Once you complete the task, click the checkmark icon. The task will be grayed out to show completion.