Getting started with the mobile app

When you sign in to the mobile app, you'll find your favorite organizations displayed on the app home screen by default. Organizations you "star" as your favorites in the web app are reflected in the mobile app.

If you haven't favorited any organizations, tap the star icon at the top of the screen to disable the favorites filter and show all organizations you can access. Most MyGlue accounts will only have one organization to display, but larger companies may have several.

Browsing the Passwords list view

Tapping the name of an organization from the home screen or from search results takes you to a list of the passwords you have access to for that one organization.


We only show basic information so that you can quickly scroll through the list to find the password you want. If there are lots of results to scroll through and you know what you're looking for, you can also use search to find the password.

Accessing a password

Once you’ve found the password you’re looking for, tap on it to view it in detail.

For each password, you can see the description (name) of the password, category, username, password, OTP code (if applicable), URL, notes, and the date the password was last changed. 

If the password has an OTP code generated for it, you can view and copy the OTP (tap and hold on the OTP). Tap the eye icon to view the six-digit string as well as the remaining time of validity. Tap the eye icon again to hide the string and time bar. Note that you will need to log into the web app if you want to create an OTP code for a password that does not have one.


If the password is vaulted, you will be prompted to enter your Vault passphrase in the following scenarios:

  • Viewing the password record and tapping the Show Password button (eye icon).
  • Tapping and holding the password record to copy it.

Note that each embedded password has the same fields, plus two fields that are associated with the parent of the embedded password: the asset and asset type.

To edit the password, tap Edit in the upper-left corner. The fields should be mostly self-explanatory and also familiar, since they are the same fields that you see when you use MyGlue from a browser.

To delete a password, tap Delete. This function is only visible to users with an Editor role.

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